Melanin Emerging Collective Consciousness Alignment (MECCA)

52 Week Energy Vigil for the Betterment of Melanin Dominant people worldwide. 52 groups have converged to transmit and hold a frequency over the planet for the 52 weeks between the Fall Equinox 2019 and 2020.

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Mama’s Way Funding

We have determined that those most divinely maternal way to operate is solely through private donations.  We have observed ourselves and others struggle in this society to make ends meet personally in an attempt to promote a vision.  All 3 of the founding mothers have had a vision of providing services to our people without imposing the financial strain on ourselves and others.

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We offer workshops and earth based techniques to restore each woman’s natural essence.  Women may choose to engage in the full range of services and stay for 2 weeks or more, or quietly calibrate themselves over a weekend.  Our services are a unique compositions of Moon Womb Lodge Offerings from Mama Nyame Adama Selassie and the Womb Evolution Technique (WET) by Maat em Maakheru Amen.

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A Message from the Mother

Over centuries, melanin dominant women have suffered mentally, physically, and spiritually by their displacement in the world.  Only in small pockets of quietly kept communities have their true power, presence, and practices been kept.  Those of us raised in western societies are just now putting the puzzle pieces together and coming into being our natural selves. As the mothers of matter(s) we are moving into our full power to join with our planetary sister, mother earth to evolve.  We have identified that in order to nurture healing of our women across the globe, we have to create sanctuaries where the woman can truly heal.

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