“Melanated Women are impacted by the stress of society and institutionalized racist structures that she lives in everywhere around the globe.  She is also impacted by the stressors of her family from school, workplace, and marketplace.  She takes on this stress of herself and family and manages that internally for the most part that does extreme damage to psyche, emotional body, and physical body.  Hence Black Women, have higher rates of heart attack, internal problems, and problems of the organs.  In order to heal she needs to be able to step outside of the vicious ring of the stress factors to totally relax in a safe and comfortable place to begin the healing process.”

She has raised her own children and the children that grew to oppress her and her children.  The stress that is involved in DNA of a melanated woman from the diaspora probably has no equal.  She needs the rest.  She needs the accommodations to be able to reverse the all of the damage and impact that was done through the centuries through her lineage.  Every melanated woman from the diaspora has connected cosmic and earth energies for this planet to continue to survive.  She, not above all, but specifically because of her background, needs to have the area, the services and the solitude to be able to bring herself back to wholeness, thus humanity.
-Mama Nyame

Our Why

Over centuries, melanin dominant women have suffered mentally, physically, and spiritually by their displacement in the world.  Only in small pockets of quietly kept communities have their true power, presence, and practices been kept.  Those of us raised in western societies are just now putting the puzzle pieces together and coming into being our natural selves.

As the mothers of matter(s) we are moving into our full power to join with our planetary sister, mother earth to evolve.  We have identified that in order to nurture healing of our women across the globe, we have to create sanctuaries where the women can truly heal.

As Melanin dominant women it is time to allow our legacy as the first women to override the depiction that is being observed currently. This includes the highest rate of vaginal and cervical cancers, abortions, and pregnancy complications. We are looked upon as angry, baby mamas, loud, unintelligent, emotional, and the non standard of beauty. I don’t know about you, but I’m done with this cycle. We have the spiritual and genetic code of the mothers of the cosmos and the physical universe in our bodies…all we have to do is access it. 

-Maat em Maakheru Amen

Meet the Mothers

Cherita Olton

Bio coming soon

Maat em Maakheru Amen

High Priestess Maat is the author of two books and visionary or many endeavors. Her passion is setting the example for the evolution of melanated people through the divinity of the feminine form

Mama Nyame Adama Selassie

Queen Mother Nyame is a guru in many ancient arts and a world traveler. Her passion is facilitating the environment the leads the individual to their own healing

Next Steps…

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