We are on a mission to make melanin dominant women whole again.  We have endured and evolved through the various experiences of the melanated women and have developed services to enable her to truly heal.  However, what we have discovered is that this healing is best integrated and maintained when the environment is conducive to the change.  Therefore, we are cultivating healing sanctuaries throughout the globe to provide our full scope of services.  

We invite your to become a Patreon of this global mission and receive the most evolutionary and life changing information you have ever heard to start or enhance your spiritual journey.  

Destination Charity Events

Along with private donations from individuals and businesses, we will sponsor destination charity events.  Our charity events will be hosted at various locations in the U.S. and abroad.  During each event, the donors will get a sampling of our services.  We will also recommend the usage of our travel website to book all flights and hotels to increase the donation amount.

Mama’s Way Retreats

We have determined that those most divinely maternal way to operate is solely through private donations.  We have observed ourselves and others struggle in this society to make ends meet personally in an attempt to promote a vision.  All 3 of the founding mothers have had a vision of providing services to our people without offering the financial strain on ourselves and others.  We have agreed that donations are the best way to provide access to all who need our services and the generosity of private companies & individuals will go farther than rat race methodology we have been following for far too long. So just like when we were small, we would go outside and pick flowers, make mud pies, or draw pictures for our Mamas.  The energy is still the same.  We love to bring things that we have produced to our Mamas….this includes money.   So we will hold our divine function and allow the flowers, pictures, and mud pies to come in!

Our Services

We offer workshops and earth based techniques to restore each woman’s natural essence.  Women may choose to engage in the full range of services and stay for 2 weeks or more, or quietly calibrate themselves over a weekend.  Our services are unique compositions of Moon Womb Lodge Offerings from Mama Nyame Adama Selassie and the Womb Evolution Technique (WET) by Maat em Maakheru Amen.

Private Donations & Crowdfunding.

We will engage financially viable small businesses in our tithing program in which they will make small monthly donations. This is beneficial to the business for tax write off purpose. In addition, we will engage private individual and decision makers for larger donations and mutually beneficial service contracts. One our location(s) is secured, we will begin to offer retreats to the general public.  The retreat will be by donation and we will encourage the participants to use our travel service to book all travel.

Next Steps…